Naruto Weapons Guide

In the world of Naruto, weapons still play a roll in a ninjas' arsenal. Weapons act as an additional aid in combat, alongside their powerful jutsu abilities.

- Shuriken
Shurikens are star shaped blades, though they are easily avoided by most ninjas but they can be used for keeping the enemy at bay for a short period of time.

- Sword
There are many types of swords used, short, long, broad. they are lethal weapons when used by a skilled ninja.

- Bone
Yes, even bones can be used as weapons, proved by Kimimaru. These bones are no ordinary bones though, they are hard as steel.

- Flash-Bang
Just a normal flash-Bang that temporarily blinds the enemy.

- Smoke-Bomb
A bomb that releases smoke when thrown. An excellent way to escape the enemy if needed.

- Kunai
A weapon of choice of most genins and a good weapon at that. It can be thrown like a shuriken but can also be used as a close hand to hand combat weapon.

- Exploding Tag
Exploding tags are like C4, only it looks more like paper and is very lite, it can be attached to a kunai or similar weapon and thrown at the enemy.